Thursday, 14 August 2014

I am Buddha.

My quest to find Life leads me,
my search for a voice leads me,
my struggle to bloom,
to flower,
to live,
leads me to you,
I try,
I fail,
noises, voiceless silences, meaningless chatter ,engulf me.
I try again,like the spider of King Bruce.
I know I will succeed,
I need to succeed
I need to find me
I need to share me
I need to speak
I need to breathe
I know I will find you ,
Oh Buddha! Sweet Realization!
I am  Buddha, me and you , us.
How, How can I not?

Monday, 24 March 2014


I  lay still, silent, on the bed of sand,
 listening to the sea singing a quite lullaby. 

The silvery moonlight caresses my  shivering stretching body.  
I feel like a mermaid an ethereal creature, waiting, waiting  to be found.

How long can I hide,how long can I deny,the explosion of emotions, intensity of thoughts, wild desires,
Oh! I no longer want to be a mermaid half fish, half woman, bathed in moonlight helpless!

I scream in my  head,
silent screams.
Please listen!
I plead!
It's time!
My life!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

fears and tears

In the stillness of the orange sunset,
I wait, wait for,
a glimpse of  your face,
the sound of your voice,
a few loving words.
Patiently,and alone I wait.
I am not lonely,
I have your memories,
I know your pain,
your reluctance,
your fears.
But do you value my tears?

Been Away for a long time...
lived, laughed, cried and came back..

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Know me a little sky...

As dusk falls,
The sea is getting wild,
The sky wants to kiss it ,
But, no chance!
So far, yet so near.. can  u feel me?
My spirit, feels your breath,
Your imagined touch makes me quiver..
The waves of desire flows in my blood..
The sands of time will bring us close again,
I live in hope, on  an island of love!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

without a boss we worked hard!

The last couple of weeks were really good.
My boss, was on leave!
I must say, that we worked hard and sincerely.
I discovered that when my boss is present, we procrastinate.We are lethargic and do not like to work.
Managing human resource is a big challenge and cannot be done without help and training.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The one meeting wonder

Most men are looking for Free Sex.
Of course I know this! But each time ,  a man tries this with me I feel like so sad.
Last week,  I went to a club with friends.
There I met a man , introduced by my friends. A well known writer.
He seemed a mature and wonderful person , older and sensitive.
We had a good conversation about books ,music, life, philosophy.
He took my number.
Next day he invited me for dinner.
I went, and the first thing he said was "lets go to my hotel room!"
I was shocked, and so disappointed.
I didn't know him, nothing about him, I thought dinner would be a process of knowing more about each other....  but for him, it was just a way to get a woman into bed.. all the charm ... just to sleep with a woman....what a waste...
The meeting, potential  association, everything ,ended with the first sentence.
I said sorry I need to go home.
Don`t people believe in friendships any more?
Is sex everything? Shame!