Saturday, 18 February 2012

The one meeting wonder

Most men are looking for Free Sex.
Of course I know this! But each time ,  a man tries this with me I feel like so sad.
Last week,  I went to a club with friends.
There I met a man , introduced by my friends. A well known writer.
He seemed a mature and wonderful person , older and sensitive.
We had a good conversation about books ,music, life, philosophy.
He took my number.
Next day he invited me for dinner.
I went, and the first thing he said was "lets go to my hotel room!"
I was shocked, and so disappointed.
I didn't know him, nothing about him, I thought dinner would be a process of knowing more about each other....  but for him, it was just a way to get a woman into bed.. all the charm ... just to sleep with a woman....what a waste...
The meeting, potential  association, everything ,ended with the first sentence.
I said sorry I need to go home.
Don`t people believe in friendships any more?
Is sex everything? Shame!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Happy Valentines!

My Soul! You seem afar, as I gaze at you through the windows of my eyes,
And as I sit in quiet meditation of you, my Beloved, I see  and feel you and only you!

My heart seems to have found its way into yours, My Lord!
And having found its true place is quivering in delight!

For me, My Love! you are my only hope, 
And with you in my heart, I can spend my  entire life in peace!

I live with you in me and wish to die with your name on my lips
And my world is in you and in you  is my world! My Lord!

My Soul! I dream of us day and night,
And hope that each of our dreams may come true!

All my waking moments are spent in thinking about you,My Soul!
And I feel your  fragrance and   presence in  my sleep!

My lord! my only fear is for our innocent and pure love, 
And that it may reach its zenith , without any more pain and betrayals from this world!

Monday, 6 February 2012

A man who came to conduct a workshop

Today a man came to conduct a workshop at our workplace.
He was an example of how a person conducting a workshop should NOT  be.
1. He wanted to control every action of everyone.
2. shouted at people when they came late after break.
3. was sarcastic.
4. insulted the audience.
5. told  the audience that he was aggressive because he was fearful.
6. craked stupid jokes
7. used some sayings and old wives tales as examples.
8. was egoistic
9. took up more time, saying that some people came back late from break, so as a punishment he would take up more time.
In the end, everyone was happy,  when the session, ended,  everyone gave a huge sigh of relief!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

An American lady in Mumbai

Yesterday I  went for the Kala Ghoda festival in Mumbai.
It was wonderful. The energy, the people, the colour, the creativity.
Everything was great.  My German friends ( who were visiting Mumbai) had come  to experience the festival.

With them was an American lady. In the beginning everything was great the conversation was good, she was telling me about her travels in India etc.
Since she was travelling alone, I was even contemplating  travelling with her to Ladakh.
Then we decided to go for dinner.

I love the Shalimar hotel at Bhendi Bazar. The food is amazing and it is a friendly place. I had taken my German friends earlier there so they too agreed to go there. 
As soon as we reached the place the American woman started ordering the waiters to switch off the A.C. ( most eaters were there because of the A.C) which I thought was very rude.
We agreed that we would share the food . I like spicy food but when I go out with people who cannot tolerate spices, I usually  adjust with what  they are eating. So we ordered ,
1. Chicken ( kaju)-non spicy
2. Tandoori chicken
3. Pepper salt lamb ( which was actually goat, I think)
4. Rice and 3 rotis
5 Vegetable salad.

I was really amazed how a person can be so inconsiderate .
She took most of the Tandoori Chicken that we had ordered and kept it on her plate. ( was she so hungry?) There were just some bones left for the others. Complained about no lettuce  in the salad. Was rude to the waiters again.
 Bitched about Indians with me sitting there.
And the last straw!
When the bill came we( the Germans and me )  decided to chip in and share the bill as always. The bill was Rs. 830 .
The American especially asked me if I was okay with chipping in!
How typical of her to think that, me being  Indian, was out for a free meal!
How ignorant of her!
Thank God she didnt ask me if I went to school!
Later after she left, the Germans and me, we sighed with relief!

 I thought that, how can you  be  a traveller if you cant enjoy the journey. 
At the altar of individualism,empathy is sacrificed.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Profound words!

Yesterday  I went to my retired colleagues home.
 If my mother would have  been  alive, she would have been her age. I have always felt a warm love and affection for his unassuming woman.
Very traditional in her appearance but extremely intelligent in her approach to life.
As I was chatting with her after lunch ( she had prepared a lovely lunch for me) she told me very sternly.." You know what? You have to learn to Live! "
I did not speak for a long time after that. Learn to live ! Yes that intelligent approach again.
Intelligence is after all, about the way you cope with life situations and  what you learn in the process is life!
She also told me one very important thing." What is this life? Hey, its all a big drama. Just live!"

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Today Day 1 Feb 1 2012

Starting Today ,I  have decided to give myself 15 minutes  of silence  in the morning.
Today morning I sat silently and spoke  the  following words,
I forgive everyone who was mean to me and rejected me. I thank them for coming into my life as I now perceive my self as a strong spiritual being who could not have reached this state of awakening if not for them. I also forgive myself. I have the right to be happy , and to be in bliss.  I must live in bliss. I must live in awareness.
After giving thanks to  the universe, I feel better.
Today was an awesome day.
Silence helps!