Friday, 7 May 2010

Before the dreams begin every night,
I will my mind to think,
only, and only wonderful thoughts, of YOU
I NEED to say Thank you
for every BREATH spent,
speaking to you,
for every MOMENT,
that led us to ecstasy and bliss.
for every word and sound that,
took our breath away..
and all that we waited to share...
for that moment, nothing mattered...
it was US and only US....
my dreams then, fill,
with visions of you,
clear, dark, with shining skin,
eyes full of love,
you come to me...
in the comfort and freedom of the night,
I call out to you,
I repeat your name,over and over again,
till it becomes meaningless...
your name becomes synonymous,
with my breath...
my love...
call me,
into your dreams, now!
its time....
yes, no more doubts!