Friday, 30 April 2010

without you

I live without you,
I walk without you,
I dream without you,
I breathe without you,
in vaccum...
My eyes full of tears,
My heart full of pain...
I know, I will die SLOWLY without

sunflower and dark knight!

once upon a time,
a dying heart found a kind voice,
and believed everything it had to say..

once upon a time,
the dreams of the dying heart
was buried deep down, until it was aroused,
by hands that drew deep imprints.

once upon a time,
a sunflower met a dark knight..
she was the boat and he the oars..

a tribute to the mermaid..

The mermaid lies in the middle of the lawn,
openly waiting for her beloved.
Arching her body to the skies,
her waiting is painful.
She longs for the touch that
will awaken a million desires
and also quench her heart`s thirst.
The mermaid knows, in her soul that,
in her submission, lies,
her freedom,
her triumph,
her life!