Saturday, 26 September 2009


Sharing space with a great human being....My most favourite president of India. A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM.
Humble, Secular, India`s Missile man. Rocket scientist studied in MIT,and later worked with NASA.
wow!..I don't know where to start....
The programme started exactly at we all were already there in the Shamiana
There were thousands of policeman and high alert. I felt privileged to walk into the invitees seat with my Principal.The presentation that I had prepared was now reduced to only 5 slides as part of presentation about the journey of our campus this last 25 years.
I did not mind... I was in the privileged seat. There are 26, 000 students on campus and there were only 350 people invited for the programme. All others were seeing the programme on the CCTV put up at various places on the campus.
The first question that former president asked the students was, How many of you want to be employment seekers? and how many of you want to be employment providers?The ex-president spoke about the importance of entrepreneurship, the importance of thinking big and the need to be leaders and not just followers.What a wonderful speech! What interaction with audience!Everyone loved him. I loved him .