Tuesday, 1 June 2010

completeness in the presence...

They lay there in the halflight,
Her head resting on his chest.
As she turns slowly, towards him,
her breasts,
brush against his sides,
And,his whole being trembles.

Now, her head is in the crook of his shoulders,
Her hair spread all serpent-like,
Her eyes closed in contentment,
Her hands thrown carelessly on his stomach,
Her leg over his legs,
She can hear his heartbeat,
The echo of his love,
The breath of his spirit.
She feels complete.

In the silence,
She repeats his name.
Its in rhythm with his heartbeat,
which calls out her name…

Many times it happens that people find themselves lonely and disturbed.
and then, they meet a presentable person who gives them some attention,
they fall ...not in love but in the concept of love...they think that they have met their soulmate..
they compromise on values..they go out of their way, to make themselves available,at all times...
They put the other person first....
and then it happens!!...
the other person thinks that they have got a slave..
the misbehavior and tantrums begin...
the abuse may not be physical, but the mental abuse is worst...the fights and hurting words for no reason... knowing very well that that some people are submissive when in love..
anyway...,its true.. the person that loves the least controls the relationship...
I personally feel that some people dont know the meaning of love... they are confused.. they can think only with their PENIS...they maybe intelligent academically, but emotionally their I.Q. IS LESS THAN ZERO....and nobody can teach you that...they are the people with huge number of failed love relationships...The Emotionally Unavailable man!