Saturday, 18 February 2012

The one meeting wonder

Most men are looking for Free Sex.
Of course I know this! But each time ,  a man tries this with me I feel like so sad.
Last week,  I went to a club with friends.
There I met a man , introduced by my friends. A well known writer.
He seemed a mature and wonderful person , older and sensitive.
We had a good conversation about books ,music, life, philosophy.
He took my number.
Next day he invited me for dinner.
I went, and the first thing he said was "lets go to my hotel room!"
I was shocked, and so disappointed.
I didn't know him, nothing about him, I thought dinner would be a process of knowing more about each other....  but for him, it was just a way to get a woman into bed.. all the charm ... just to sleep with a woman....what a waste...
The meeting, potential  association, everything ,ended with the first sentence.
I said sorry I need to go home.
Don`t people believe in friendships any more?
Is sex everything? Shame!