Saturday, 21 January 2012

Theodore `s Mama

I don't know Theodore`s Mama`s name,
because I never asked her!
But I did dream about her yesterday,
I dreamt of  her lovely rooms,
and her small garden full of herbs!
She fed me every  day that I was with her,
with chapathi- bread and sun-dried  Onion chutney!
She made wonderful coffee and generously shared it with me every afternoon!
She kept her home clean and organised,
dusting, mopping and wiping all the time!
She recycled everything from plastic bags, to oil cans, to charcoal, to water,  to food!
She was an environmentalist!
She always had something to give the poor kids that came to her door!
Some people you  can never forget, though you may never meet  them again!
But you love them and cherish their memory and bless them with your heart and wish them happiness always!

Happy new year

I was absent from this blog for more than a month....

Now I  come with a new thought...

I need to be more focused about myself.... I need to be selfish......