Sunday, 5 February 2012

An American lady in Mumbai

Yesterday I  went for the Kala Ghoda festival in Mumbai.
It was wonderful. The energy, the people, the colour, the creativity.
Everything was great.  My German friends ( who were visiting Mumbai) had come  to experience the festival.

With them was an American lady. In the beginning everything was great the conversation was good, she was telling me about her travels in India etc.
Since she was travelling alone, I was even contemplating  travelling with her to Ladakh.
Then we decided to go for dinner.

I love the Shalimar hotel at Bhendi Bazar. The food is amazing and it is a friendly place. I had taken my German friends earlier there so they too agreed to go there. 
As soon as we reached the place the American woman started ordering the waiters to switch off the A.C. ( most eaters were there because of the A.C) which I thought was very rude.
We agreed that we would share the food . I like spicy food but when I go out with people who cannot tolerate spices, I usually  adjust with what  they are eating. So we ordered ,
1. Chicken ( kaju)-non spicy
2. Tandoori chicken
3. Pepper salt lamb ( which was actually goat, I think)
4. Rice and 3 rotis
5 Vegetable salad.

I was really amazed how a person can be so inconsiderate .
She took most of the Tandoori Chicken that we had ordered and kept it on her plate. ( was she so hungry?) There were just some bones left for the others. Complained about no lettuce  in the salad. Was rude to the waiters again.
 Bitched about Indians with me sitting there.
And the last straw!
When the bill came we( the Germans and me )  decided to chip in and share the bill as always. The bill was Rs. 830 .
The American especially asked me if I was okay with chipping in!
How typical of her to think that, me being  Indian, was out for a free meal!
How ignorant of her!
Thank God she didnt ask me if I went to school!
Later after she left, the Germans and me, we sighed with relief!

 I thought that, how can you  be  a traveller if you cant enjoy the journey. 
At the altar of individualism,empathy is sacrificed.