Tuesday, 3 August 2010


This waiting is so beautiful...

Ive  always believed that life is a journey,and the final destination is of course Death!

We have to LEARN to  enjoy the JOURNEY, the process of meeting people, being in difficult situations and adapting to our environment.

Human beings then become wise with experience and become enlightened.

Enlightenment according to me, is the knowledge that NOTHING REALLY MATTERS.

Intelligence is knowing ourselves and living our lives on our own terms,  in an harmonious way.

I find many people want to live their lives on their own terms, but end up hurting the people who love them the most.
The trick is to learn how to reach a compromise, with people whom you care.I know that its a struggle. Its an everyday struggle.Nevertheless, its really rewarding to live  peacefully and blissfully in the environment of our choice, with people who love us.

There are 7 types of intelligence
academic, emotional, musical spatial, kinesthetic,interpersonal and intrapersonal.
According to me the most important one is the last one....

I know that!