Sunday, 13 January 2008

maintaining your energy audit

It is the greatest folly to think that we can live without anybody’s help. For you, just this act of reading this column requires you to be grateful to a number of people – my computer, the makers of the computer, the electricity, the wires, the printer, this newspaper, and a host of other nameless beings, apart from your body organs that help you read, your house, your newspaper vendor, etc. The fact is that we can never exist alone: we are interdependent. We are dependent on multiple forces to help us live.
Having said that, it is impossible to keep a track of who has helped you, and who you have helped during the day. When you take a favour from someone, you are in essence taking energy from that person. Similarly, when you help someone, you are donating energy to that person. In other words, this constant giving and taking of energy takes place throughout the day. But if you were to create a balance sheet to monitor this debit and credit of energy, it would be highly impossible to do so because firstly, it cannot be quantified, and secondly, the seamless flow of energy prevents us from maintaining any kind of account.
It can therefore happen that you end up taking more energy than you have given. This leads to an imbalance in energy. However, since the universe always exists in a state of balance, it has its own ways of correcting these imbalances. Which is why the age-old wisdom of ‘keeping only those things that are yours’ makes a lot of sense. What is not yours will be automatically taken away from you. That’s the universal principle in action.
A technique to voluntarily correct energy imbalances is by donation. Normally, we associate donation only in terms of money. But that need not be the case. Donation can be through hugs, paying compliments, saying thank you, giving time, service, giving a gift, prayer, etc. A good technique would be to assign a task for yourself to donate energy in any of these forms constantly throughout the day. A good question to ask yourself would be – ‘what has been my contribution today?’
Donation is voluntary giving away of energy. When you do that, you are consciously creating a situation whereby there is a positive energy imbalance which means that the energy you have donated is more than the energy you have received. This imbalance will prompt the universe to fill up that energy vacuum.
In other words, the more you donate consciously, the more the universe will give you. ‘Tum ek paisa doge, woh dus lakh dega’ – that Hindi song made so famous by beggars, now sounds logical, doesn’t it? Well, it works on this principle.

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