Monday, 21 April 2008

my most most most fav ghazal......(chitra singh)

Dard Badhkar Fughan Na Ho Jaaye

Ye Zameen Aasmaan Na Ho Jaaye

Dil Mein Dooba Hua Jo Nashtar Hai''

Mere Dil Ki Zubaan Na Ho Jaaye

Dil Ko Le Leejiye Jo Lena Hai

Fir Ye Sauda Garan Na Ho Jaaye

Aah Kije Magar Latif Tabhi

Lab Tak Aakar Dhuaan Na Ho Jaaye


Sophistifly said...

Thank you Roshni, it's nice to see that you still visit my blog. I've been under some stress so I haven't been blogging as much. Just so you know, I have decided to go to college in a different city and pursue true journalism.

:) thanks for your confidence in me.

gopucreator said...
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gopucreator said...

"Lab Tak Aakar Dhuaan Na Ho Jaaye"...imagine that, with closed eyes and lips longing for a feel, a sense...again hope & despair. Just amazing!!!