Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Sing me a Song!!!!!!

Sing me a song, A song you and I know,

A song that will put me to sleep,

This song that I always listen to makes me cry,

Missing you with every inch on my heart,

Knowing that you will not return,

Sing me a song,

A song that will help me forget about you,

A song that will heal my heart,

A song of forgiveness,

Just sing a song,

A song that can not be forgotten,

A song so memorable,

Only a memory,

Sing me song, A song that we will love,

A song we can not live with out, Just sing me a song,

A song that only you and I know.


AmitKasliwal said...

Did you write it??? If you did, you are intense ... it reminds me of a line from the song "sparks" by coldplay ... where he says ...

Did I drive you away, I know what you'll say ... you'll say ohhh ... sing one we know ...

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Apollo said...

Hello hello. You weave a dream into this post. It's as if the dream walked into your fingers and then walked onto this page. :)

priya said...

Very beautiful!! love to read it...