Thursday, 13 November 2008

the moon...........

The moon certainly makes everything beautiful.

On a full-moon night you see beauty spread all around, even to ordinary plants.

Ordinary flowers are shining with joy.

Small puddles of water are reflecting the full moon with as much depth as the greatest ocean.
So it does not matter which body you have;

whether man or woman, bird or animal;

whether you are poor or rich.

In a silent space, just watching the moon, you are filled with tremendous beauty.

That beauty arises in your innermost world.

The moon simply triggers it.

Dogen, The Zen Master:
A Search and a Fulfillment

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Sir Hubertus Ponsonby said...

apart from the smiles on my kids' faces, the only things i see beauty in are good looking women - all shapes ages and sizes :) , and in sachin tendulkar's on-drives.