Saturday, 1 August 2009

what exactly is love?

What is love???????.
this is/ has been a question that has been haunting me from the time Ive been born( i think!!!!!)
According to the Navaraasa i.e. the 9 core emotions present in man, love is the only one that has branches.
mamta=affection ( maternal, paternal, brotherly)
bhakti= devotion( for god)
shringar=sexual( for ones mate)

Now my question is .... can we really branch and compartmentalise these feelings ?
when one is close to another human being,all these overlap and mingle and each emotion struggles to express it self.
when one is so close, that one trusts the other with ones own life, can we say that oh! yes, now im feeling sexual love, oh now im feeling so much affection.
its all together.
there is affection, adoration, attraction, devotion, sweetness, pain, trust, respect.....( all this becomes LOVE i think)
there is no boundary its just a beautiful feeling.its intermingling of feelings...its pure...its innocent..
its strong.... its open.... it wants to be fearless.

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