Wednesday, 12 August 2009

a woman...

There is a woman who has inside her a FIRE.
to connect, without any expectations to another human being.
to give her ALL, without having to measure the amount of gives and takes.
to be able to make her world beautiful.

FIRE burns and destroys .... it also gives light and energy.
the woman thinks her FIRE is energy- giving
but life teaches her that her FIRE is self destroying.

Now, what should she do?
should she abandon her dream and continue living like a corpse?
should she take her dream and fly away?
this question has always been bothering her... shes asked herself a number of times....
why is she living???a life of farce, a lie? for society ? for what?
what is the use of living, if her soul is dead?
her spirit is broken?
there is no prosthetic for an injured soul is there?

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