Monday, 14 September 2009

10th Sept 2009

World Suicide Prevention Day
09, Sept 10th at Bhavan's auditorium,
Andheri(w), Mumbai

The summary of the seminar


Causes of suicide: During the last three decades we have learned a great deal about the causes of this complex behavior. Suicide has biological, cultural, social and psychological risk factors. People from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds are at increased risk of suicidal behaviour.
Childhood adversity and trauma, and various life stresses as an adult influence risks of suicidal behaviour.
Serious mental illnesses, most commonly depression, substance abuse, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia, are associated with increased risk of suicide.
Diminished social interaction increases suicide risk, particularly among adults and older adults. the pyschology of suicide victim is not so easy to figure out.
The real reason for a suicide may be different from the immediate spark that propels a person to take his life. "It is only when a person has lost all hopes of being able to cope up with the reality that he takes his life,"
Suicide can be prevented. Despite its often complex origins, suicide can be prevented.

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