Tuesday, 22 September 2009

im a nobody...

They say human beings are complete in themselves.
But its not true.
Human beings are known to die of loneliness.
There was an experiment conducted some years back. A cruel experiment.
Two infants were taken as subjects for this experiment.
One infant was given love, attention and food etc. The other one was not given any love and attention but was given only food and other necessary physical facilities.
What would have happened to the both the infants?
Any guesses?
The one that was given love survived and the other died.
Human beings need love and understanding most of all. All other things are secondary.
Human beings want to share happiness. they want to share joy. they also need to share their sorrow. it is the basic need.
sometimes humanbeings get confused, they dont realise the importance of love.........they know it only when they lose it.....

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