Wednesday, 9 December 2009

some thoughts..on the hyderbad conference..

National level conferences are always very important and informative.
The Chief guest was Ms. Laxmi Vijaykumar, ( member of WHO) and renowned psychiatrist.
She spoke about the findings in the world about suicides and befriending, which was really enlightening.
I was amazed to know that though they spoke about the world, there is no study conducted in Africa regarding mental health and suicides.
when I questioned about it, they told me that Africa being in the process of developing physically has not been concerned too much with mental health programmes.
so I went to the befrienders worldwide website and found that hardly any African countries have help for mental health.
I feel its very important that people in general realise the importance of having a sound mind in a sound body. Both work together to make a healthy human being.
Right from the moment WE( the director and two volunteers) stepped into the venue, which was Hotel Central Court,we were pampered.
The hospitality of the Hyderabadis was really COMMENDABLE.
The conference was a wonderful amalgamation of information, interaction and entertainment.
The panel discussion on
maintaining healthy relationships was also an eye opener.
I realised the huge work put in by ROSHNI .Kudos to them!!
The level of commitment and motivation has to be seen to be believed.
I came back feeling inspired to do more for my centre.
It renewed and made me think why I had joined this organisation in the first place.

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