Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I want you to know,that,
you are my baby for ever....
how else can a love so deep be?
its higher than the highest mountains..
deeper than the deepest valleys...
this love is powerful..
it a connection between two human beings..
Its a sharing of ones soul..
this love is not selfish..
its patient..
its humble..
its submissive...
its happy to surrender...
its egoless..
no matter what happens..
it will support you..
it will become your strength,
your source of life,
its like water..
it will take the form that you want it to be...
it will quench your thirst and ask for nothing...
because it needs nothing..
just your smile..
your happiness...
just love me..
look at me..
and know,
I am yours..

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