Thursday, 7 July 2011


This is second book that I read by the same author.

The first one being The Last Time They Met....

This book asks a lots ethical questions .

1. Should there  be  secrets between couples?
2. What exactly is the meaning of space in a relationship?
3. Can one partner love more than the other?
4. What is the status of the person who loves less? or does not love at all?
5. Can a relationship work ie. make both the concerned people happy and content, if both are
     using each other?
6. Is a co-dependent relationship healthy?

 One of my favourite quotes.....

"Sometimes it seems to me that all of life is a struggle to contain the natural impulses of the body and spirit, and that what we call character represents only the degree to which we are successful in this endeavor." 
 Anita Shreve (All He Ever Wanted)

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