Friday, 5 August 2011

job satisfaction....

What exactly is job satisfaction?
Everyone says we can  get job satisfaction  if  we  love what we do and if  our passion  becomes our profession,
but is it possible? for everyone?
Sometimes we know that, we are in a dead end job where there is no hope.
The leader is  unimaginative, and resistant  to change and expects everyone to be like him/her.
Why  do we continue in such a sad job? why do we wait to get a better job before we leave this one?
What exactly is security? Is there security in any job?

I used to love my job I still do, but the boss is horrible and I know I am unhappy here.. I know there is no scope of change since even the owners need puppets whom they can play with.
They have a mindless fool whom they can order around  and who in turn orders his subordinates around . Its a cycle.

I know in my heart that ,only if I quit this damn job will I be able to find space for something better. I have achieved everything  of value late in life. Life is teaching me patience.

Its true, slow and steady wins the race!

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