Monday, 6 February 2012

A man who came to conduct a workshop

Today a man came to conduct a workshop at our workplace.
He was an example of how a person conducting a workshop should NOT  be.
1. He wanted to control every action of everyone.
2. shouted at people when they came late after break.
3. was sarcastic.
4. insulted the audience.
5. told  the audience that he was aggressive because he was fearful.
6. craked stupid jokes
7. used some sayings and old wives tales as examples.
8. was egoistic
9. took up more time, saying that some people came back late from break, so as a punishment he would take up more time.
In the end, everyone was happy,  when the session, ended,  everyone gave a huge sigh of relief!

1 comment:

I Am That said...

Hilarious:) Everything one should totally avoid being. Where is compassion, forbearance when u need it most:)