Thursday, 23 August 2007

a woman i met

Met this woman, beautiful, strong, very prose, with a will to do good,

was amazed,curious and wanted to know more,

she told me she was in bliss.,

went to her home for a drinks- dinner thingie.....

was amazed all over again,

at her ability to laugh at her self,

to be blunt, to yell, to dance, and to entertain....


pulled me to her again....

what, how,where did she get her strength from?

she went on and answered all relentless,merciless ,continous,questions...

until she broke


that she had conveniently built,

around herself and others,

the trauma,

of being voilated as a child,

of having no one to talk to,

forced forgetting does it work?!

tears that followed were tears of blood..

the kind that only the gutsy can shed!!

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