Sunday, 4 October 2009

.intellectual ideas.... new horizons..

After visiting the museum, and meeting a number of people, I went to eat at Leopolds.....its one of my favorite places to eat non-veg food.
I was accompanied by a gentleman who was also planning to eat alone....the conversation was good... and time passed by.It was a nostalgic experience. I was thinking about the time I was journalist.
I had met so many people, it was a wonderful time in my life...I working like a mad person.
covering events, writing reports, interviews,
One time, I was counseling on the newspaper that I was working for.It was good extra money.
I think I should really think about honing my skills.... I should meet new people.I should find interesting work. maybe I can free lance again.
everything happens for a reason.....Im optimistic...

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