Thursday, 8 October 2009

some random thoughts.....

Love cannot hurt.

Mutual respect is most important.

One might be the best, but if there is no one to appreciate you.... your best maybe be your worst...

Life is beautiful.

The world is small and round.

Human emotions everywhere, in every corner of the world is the same.....

Human beings are confused, they want happiness, but they throw away their only way to happiness easily...they reach for the moon and forget about the little star twinkling beside them.

Life is about the number of beautiful moments that take your breath away.And if u find someone to share it with, its a BIG BONUS.

Its best to live with a person who loves you for the person you are, the inner you, a person who sees the best in you....and helps you want be a better person.
A person who lets you BE. Just be!

You can make anything happen if u have the will.The universe will help you find your dream.Only, only if you really want it....the universe knows your secret......

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