Monday, 6 September 2010

thinking aloud....

I truly believe that my fear to meet people head-on is decreasing.
I think everyone hates confrontation, i mean, who wants to bring out all the dirty linen?
I usually get intimidated easily, i cow down so that there can be peace.
anybody can shout me out...
I cant shout back.
I argue for some time,but then, i give up ..
I don't go through with most of my dreams.
I feel I may fail.
my argument is that , what difference does it  make?
if I do something or not? does it make a difference?
I really don't know?
I really need SUPPORT for everything...
why have I lost the faith in myself?
WHO did this to me?
I know I have pull myself together. Ive to stop reacting and STOP thinking what will people think..( it sounds so childish when I wrote that down?) am I really so foolish?
I have to find my boat...

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