Sunday, 5 September 2010


Today, I read the article about Stephen Hawking, saying that there is no GOD..
According to him ,its Physics that created the universe.

I was wondering about beliefs...
Can beliefs be limiting?
Can what you believe in make your life limiting?

After a lot of thought I  realised that it does.

My belief in sin , in punishment, rewards and other IDEAS,pertaining to religion   that I  have  been conditioned and exposed to from childhood, plays a very important role in my life.

I'm trying my best, to RELEARN and  accept  new ideas  and UNLEARN the conditioning, that has made me the person I am.
I know very well, humans have various emotions and feelings and that makes them so unique.
I know I cant be mean and harm anybody...but I know that I have to preserve myself , Ive to take care of my well being( nobody will do it for me!)
and I  have to survive and enjoy this journey... my life.. till the end.....

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